Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Been a While..

So, what has happened since my last blog post? I think the most important thing is, we now have a new president. How amazing and inspiring that day was, I pretty much spent it glued to my T.V. wishing I was there. Since the inauguration, President Obama has not focused much on immigration which is understandable with the hard economic times this country is going through. However, I'm really hoping the DREAM Act gets introduced during the beginning of this year. This will not happen without us pushing him, though.

Anyway, I am taking Political Science at school this year and apparently, there's a wannabe ICE agent in my class. Well, to be fair, he didn't say that but he said he is very much against illegal immigration. Ironically, he sits next to me. I wish I would have been brave enough to stand up and say something, but for some reason, I think that people will realize I'm undocumented if I do so. Completely ridiculous, I know. Maybe if I lived in a more liberal state, but PA is not exactly immigrant-friendly. That does not excuse the fact that I kept quiet, and if the topic ever comes up again (which I'm sure it will), I will make sure to shut him up. I wonder what he would say (or do) if he knew he sits next to one of those "illegal immigrants," though. Would he change his mind? Or would he become one of those "you're taking a U.S. citizen's college seat!" kind of people?

Probably the latter. I'm not feeling optimistic today.


Matias Ramos said...

Be undercover. Speak up for the undocumented from a third-person perspective.

Knowing guys like this, he probably already wrote you off for being Latina, so let him have a dose of TRUTH!!!

Maria M. said...

I did :). The next time we had class, we continued our conversation and I made sure to speak up about it. I don't think he even knew undocumented immigrants paid taxes, lol. I wish we would have talked more about it, 'cause that's one of the subjects I know more about, for obvious reasons, but damn instructor changed the subject :P. It was great, and I hope it comes up again.

Thanks Matias!

Caz said...

Same happens in my Macro class.
The professor is totally right winded, extremist, and fully conservative.

I talk back to him some times (respectfully), alongside another kid in my class who says that anyone and EVERYONE who does not speak English within the country should be deported 'to the hole where they came from'... and this is literally in a daily basis since its an Economics class and he blames the lack of jobs on illegal immigrants.

-_- talk about xenophobia, and ignorance...

Maria M. said...

Caz, that class must be a blast *sarcasm*

I'm also taking a Macroeconomics class this semester and my professor is also a republican (I'm pretty sure he is, anyway). He has mentioned illegal immigration a couple of times, but he's careful with his words. Today, he mentioned that "illegal aliens" are leaving because there's no jobs in the U.S. I cringed at the "illegal aliens" part.. I hate being called that.

Good job on fighting back!! It feels so good knowing that you're standing up not only for yourself, but for the whole undocumented community.